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Badshah Begum Episode 27 Recap

The little daawat at the haveli quickly turns into a nightmare–Gulnar loses her baby, Saeeda is killed, Pir Shahzeb is mad at Shah Alam, again.

Badshah Begum Episode 28 Written Update and Review

So, now that Bakhtiyar knows that Murad is somehow involved in the whole poisoning episode, he is keeping an eye on Pir Murad.

I wonder if he will ever get to anything. Or, if he does, will he be able to do anything to Murad?


Zulekha and Pir Shahzeb they both know who’s behind the poisoning, and Zulekha asks her loving husband to find the truth, find who is backing Khalifa Nawaz. This was quite shocking. They both knew? I had no idea.


After returning from the hospital, Gulnar isn’t talking. However, Murad is still worried that Gulnar would rat out who gave the poison. Murad still tortures Gulnar, but it’s only Jahan Ara who can kick Murad away.


The lovers meet again. At first, they talk about their “peeri mureedi”, ahem.

This time, Bakhtiyar tells Jahan Ara who’s the real victim. While Pir Shahmir would probably forgive everyone, Jahan Ara and Bakhtiyar aren’t willing to let go.


Pir Shahmir announces the he will give a sermon. Not everyone is happy, espeically Shah Alam and Shahzeb.

But, Pir Shahmir is not willing to concede.  Just when he is ready to leave, Gulnar speaks.

“Mujhe aap ko kuch batana hai, Murad ke baare mein,” Gulnar tells Pir Shahmir.

And then the sermon begins. We all know where this is going. After a long preamble, he finally says the words he has been aching to say ever since he became the official Pir.

And then shit gets real.

Pir Qaisar’s goons force the villagers to kill Pir Shahmir.

Pir Shahmir is escorted to the haveli.

Pir Qaisar is willing to announce his Peeri.

Villagers, however, are keen to see Pir Shahzeb as the new Peer.

Pir Shahmir can’t even go out of the haveli, let alone going out of Piranpur.

While Pir Shahzeb is talking to Jahan Ara of how he’s going to see Piranpur, Murad bribes the guards and the folks are let in.

Shah Alam and family try to go the their safe place, but all have turned against them.

And then this scene made my heart skip several beats, out of fear and disgust. He let’s the people in to attack him.

I didn’t want Shahmir to die. He didn’t deserve this. But alas!



This episode was so crazy, I can’t even wrap my head around it. Things happened zoop zoop zoop. While we see Pir Shahzeb is still loyal to Badshah Begum and Piranpur, Roshan Ara isn’t. She’s the one who has caused Pir Shahmir’s fate, I tell you.

Hamza Sohail won me over with his performance. Everyone in this cast is a fine actor and has given their best performance, but Hamza is the finest in this one. Look at him: A man who has lost all hope of changing the people for whom who has done soooo much for them, a man who knows what he is doing will kill him.


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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Yep, he was the only “white” character among grays.

  2. Maryam Sahibzada says:

    That episode was shocking. I’m really gonna miss Shahmir. He was so sweet, kind, open-minded and pure.

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