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Habs Episode 20 Written Review & Update

Just Crazy Things

Basit is willing to call off the marriage, but Bano is ready to save this marriage. She talks to Fahad. I like how she puts all the effort for her sister. Who knows? Perhaps this will bring her close to Fahad. I ship them.

On the other hand, Qudsiya meets Basit and tries to talk to him, but Basit is like… He isn’t willing to listen.

After a lot of efforts, Fahad finally convinces Basit to listen to his side of the story. Basit almost buys the story, except he sees Ayesha’s phone in Fahad’s car. How did it get there?

Basit rushes to Ayesha’s house, tells him what he saw, and then… BOOM… 

Seriously, how did Ayesha’s phone got there? What was she doing meeting Fahad?


After this incident, Ayesha and Fahad are still talking to each other on phone. Shouldn’t Ayesha learn her lesson by now? Forget what Basit thinks of her, she shouldn’t be talking to the man if her husband doesn’t want her to. That’s the plain and simple expectation from nikaah. Ayesha loves her family and has sacrificed for them, but she doesn’t have common sense of what not to do, even if we assume that what she has done is right. 


I guess she gets her silliness from her mother. Qudsiya’s character is a worried mother who’s also stupid. It’s her bad decisions in the past that messed up things, and she’s still doing the same. After the Zoya fiasco, I had thought she has learnt her lesson, but noooooo… She hasn’t.

In this episode, she finally tells Yasir’s mother that Zoya isn’t willing to marry Yasir (about time, huh?). And, still, they don’t talk about the “stuff” that Zoya stole. Kaise hoga yeh sab?

Yasir’s mother is also annoying but so is Qudsiya. Why didn’t she tell this before? Why does she think that trading Bano for Zoya would be okay? How does she come up with such ideas? I understand she’s worried about her daughter’s futures but she’s so silly all the time. 

Zoya didn’t make appearance in this episode and I was so soooooo relieved.  


Basit & Ayesha

I like the quiet conversation between Basit and Ayesha. It was so much fun. It brought me back the sweet memories of reading Dil Diya Dehleez. After Maheen marries Yawar Ali Khan for the sole purpose of unraveling the mystery of Nazneen’s death, their married life is quite rocky. They were sitting in the back seat being driven to the haveli. And the line goes like this:

Un donon ke darmiyan khamoosi ki zubaan mein tez o tund guftugu ho rahi thhi.

Yeah, the memories. 

Alright, coming back to Habs. 

The drama has taken the much-expected turn. I’m surprised that Basit doesn’t say anything and doesn’t react one bit when he sees Ayesha by her side. Has he lost his speech? Haw? That would be something, right? Main na munh khola, main na kuch bola, Ayeshaaaa… Janey naaaa… I’m so witty at times, NOT. 

Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah’s chemistry is perfect, and they make a good couple on screen. The caretaking routine was predictable but cute. I liked it.

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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. he did speak, but most of the conversation was voice over. As for Fraud, I haven’t seen the last two episodes. And now after your comment, I don’t even feel like watching it. 🙁 Maybe I can do a fast-forward just to get updated.

  2. Pharmchick says:

    I thought he spoke some sentences like bas and to call someone else for the bed and if fahad had come. I guess the drama is hitting that dreadful mid-show drag fest when producers get a big head over high trps and unnecessarily drag (like fraud right now omg)

  3. I, for once, thought he lost his speech. You know, the song– main na munh kholi, main na kuch boli. I thought ab yeh nahin bolega…. Haha.

  4. Pharmchick says:

    Glad they didnt go with the whole memory loss route, that wouldve sealed me against this drama, sadly when I liked it so much. And so much silent dialogue between them! It was so dumb of Ayesha to continue talking with Fahad if her hubby is against it, like you said.
    NOT liking Moms idea of “trading” zoya with Ayesha for the proposal and unsure whats holding her back from getting the stuff from Zoya and closing that chapter. If Ayesha does separate, then mom can make alternate plans, but it looks like she doesnt seem to learn that her forcing her daughters into relationships they dont want isnt working out for anyone.

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