Turkish Drama Review | Perfect Groom (Sahane Damat)| Episode 3

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Perfect Groom Episode 3 Written Update & Review

Melike meets Perihan (things are so easy and convenient for her, everything happens smoothly without her getting caught). Perihan agrees to tell her story so Melike could write it. Before Perihan could tell who it is, Mehmet comes into the room. He recognizes Melike, and tries to get her out of the room. He could asked her, and simply pushed her out of the room and shut the door, right?

But no. He slings Melike on his shoulder and saunters around the hospital corridors. He runs into his fiance that way. I’m sure that’s going to work out just fine 🙂 I’m kidding… 

Hayati convinces Mehmet to get Perihan to his house until things calm down and Perihan changes her mind about revealing the identity of her “cutie”. Unnecessarily elongated scene.

Kibar, Tahsin’s sister who works at Mehmet’s, brings over Melike with her. The two women hope that one day Melike would be the woman of the house. Girls can be so silly at times. 

Mehmet brings Perihan home. Without knowing who all are around, Perihan spills the bean. And now Melike knows. 

And then Mehmet also learns that Melike is there. Him chasing after Melike was fun and a little bit flirtatious. I loved the Dexter reference, by the way. While they’re arguing over how to settle this, Melike’s family arrives. 

Now, we all know how Melike will keep her mouth shut–in exchange of a fake relationship.

Ooooh, things just got excited. 

Don’t get me started with how she convinced him. It was a very long conversation. Mehmet is playing along so far but then Melike’s family announces that they have shifted to Istanbul for good.

Oh, boy! 

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Shabana Mukhtar