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Badshah Begum Episode 13 Recap

Shah Alam learns that Hakim Bi is responsible for the snake biting. He goes to Piranpur at once and asks Hakim Bi to be in aitekaf, forever. Shahzeb comes up with another idea to turn things into his favour–marrying Zulekha, Khalifa Nawaz’s daughter.

Badshah Begum Episode 14 Written Update and Review

Murad comes to the city at Shah Alam’s residence. He is (pleasantly) surprised to see Gulnar there. He is extra-sweet to Jahan Ara. It seems as if they are the most loving siblings, ever. This isn’t going to be nice for Gulnar. Abul Hassan at his evil best in this scene.



We see Shahzeb at Khalifa Nawaz’s residence. While Khalifa Nawaz talks to Shahzeb, Shahzeb has eyes only for Zulekha who comes to serve tea. This whole scene was a few minutes long, but there was no words. And, this was also the most powerful and most beautiful scene of this episode. Farhan Saeed is his expressive best, and his eyes talk the whole time as he ogles at Zulekha. Taniya Hussain looks pretty and delicate as she serves tea without so much as a glance at Shahzeb.

Great scene!



Khalifa Nawaz is still loyal to Shah Alam, who has promised that Shahmir would marry Zulekha one day. Khalifa Nawaz tries to tell Shah Alam to fix things, and then also informs about Shahzeb’s proposal. Shah Alam consoles and promises that Shahmir would still be Khalifa Nawaz’s brother-in-law.

I don’t think so, but then, it would be interesting to see it unfold on the screen.



Back in the city, Shahmir is packing his bags to go back to Oxford to his life. He isn’t cut for this life, for sure. Jahan Ara tries to stop him, but Shahmir wouldn’t listen to anything now. Once Shahmir returns, how will Shah Alam keep Piranpur under control. Wouldn’t that mean Shahzeb would rise to power?

Interesting turn of events.



Bakhtiyar’s mother tries to ask him if things are serious about Roshan Ara. Bakhtiyar doesn’t respond. I haven’t understood Bakhtiyar’s mother role in overall scheme of things, but I think Uzma Baig’s talent is wasted in this drama. I think it was only Chupke Chupke where she got to shine. Hum Tum and Badshah Begum, both are unfair to the talent she is.



Murad meets Gulnar again and vows to kill Gulnar’s fiance Tara. To save Tara’s life, Gulnar willing surrenders to Murad. That was quite painful to watch, even though it was only for a few seconds. The next morning, she wakes up, sullen and grim and upset. But isn’t her hair too nicely done? I mean, come on.

Later, Murad tells Jahan Ara that he is there to get Gulnar back to Piranpur. Gulnar refuses, irking Murad, but Jahan Ara goes let Gulnar stay.

Will Gulnar ever tell Jahan Ara the ordeal she has been through?


Shahzeb meets Khalifa Nawaz again to seek answer for his proposal for Zulekha. Khalifa Nawaz refuses, as he has promised Shah Alam. This doesn’t go down well with Shahzeb. Shahzeb’s friend tries to pacify the angry Pir. Would Shahzeb listen to reason, though? I don’t think so. But I’m curious to know about his next course of action.



Roshan Ara keeps calling Bakhti. It doesn’t help that Bakhtiyar’s mother is quite nosy about Roshan Ara. Roshan Ara is still obsessed that Bakhtiyar was in love with Jahan Ara. He still is, and I’m sure that’s why Roshan Ara is so restless.

In the club where Roshan Ara and Bakhtiyar often meet, Roshan Ara proposes to Bakhtiyar. How he responded, we don’t know yet.



Roshan Ara brings Bakhtiyar home, and takes him to her room. Jahan Ara is in her Badshah Begum mode. The two Ara sisters confront, they go head to head, while Bakhtiyar watches. This is pure evil.

The argument gets a little out of hand. And then Roshan Ara says:

“Tum sirf hukm chala sakti ho, mohabbat nahin kar saktin,”

Jahan Ara slaps her sister.

Roshan Ara is shocked, Bakhtiyar is surpised while Jahan Ara is teary-eyed. I wonder where this love triangle is headed.



The performances in Badshah Begum never disappoint, and yet again, everyone delivers their finest in this episode.


Another fast-paced episode which leaves me restless and anxious. I don’t know how I feel about this drama.

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Shabana Mukhtar