Turkish Drama Review | Perfect Groom (Sahane Damat)| Episode 4

Perfect Groom Episode 4 Written Update & Review

The family drama continues as Melike and Mehmet continue to pretend to be a lovey-dovey couple. This scene felt dragged unnecessarily.

In the hospital, Suna, Engin and Ilknur are trying to get to the bottom of one mystery–where did Perihan and Mehmet disappear to? Mehmet, thankfully, comes to save the day (as usual) and announces that he took the Diva away from the hospital to keep her in “his” good care. I admire the length to which he goes to save his uncle’s reputation (I really wanted to say his uncle’s a**, but I chose to be clean).


It’s only the fourth episode and I’m already disliking many things about this dizi.

First of all, Melike’s family including Melike is very very annoying. I do like clumsy heroines, but something about Melike just puts me off. Cennet is nosy, Tufan is self-obsessed, and Kazibe’s treatment of Mhehmet borders on harassment (removing his shirt to see his abs, seriously, what’s up with that?

There is no romance until now, and the efforts at comedy fail miserably. The only thing that made me laugh, twice, was Hayati referring to Ilknur as “miniature Suna”. That was so funny. Tahsin is the sweetest person ever, I like him. So far, the dizi is riding solely on Mehmet’s shoulders. He looks handsome, he “fixes” things, he diffuses tense situations, and he deals with crazy Melike and her crazier family. Someone give an award to this guy.


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Shabana Mukhtar