Turkish Drama Review | Perfect Groom (Sahane Damat)| Episode 5

Perfect Groom Poster
Perfect Groom Poster

This was yet another crazy episode of Perfect Groom. Melike’s grandfather gets out of the house and runs into an ex army officer. Together, they think that they are working against some conspiracy theory. They even involve police into the whole matter. 

Hayati is there to meet Perihan, police is there, Melike’s crazy family is there. It’s madness, really. Amidst this chaos, Melike does the first smart thing–she writes up horoscope to persuade Perihan to give a favourable statement to the police.

Phew! Close save.

Mehmet likes Melike already. I mean, she is cute, not gonna lie. Hayati suggests that Mehmet should be rid of miniature Suna. I like that idea.

As Melike has told Mehmet about the engagement ring, Mehmet buys one for Melike. Ilknur sees the ring in Mehmet’s jacket (because she has no sense of boundaries, apparently). She thinks Mehmet has bought the ring for her. Later, when she comes at Mehmet’s house, she sees Melike hugging Mehmet and the ring is on her finger.

Does this mean the end of Ilknur and Mehmet? I sure hope so.


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Shabana Mukhtar