Turkish Drama Review | Perfect Groom (Sahane Damat)| Episode 9

Perfect Groom Poster
Perfect Groom Poster

Perfect Groom Episode 9 Written Update & Review


This episode is my favourite so far. So much has happened and very little annoyed me.

We still see Tufan and Cennet and Kazibe in their annoying bits but it work out on overall scheme of things.

Tufan has been robbed and comes to the hospital looking for Mehmet, his supposed brother-in-law. Engin and Ilknur are suspicious about it. While Engin has a legit reason to be there at the hospital, I don’t understand why Ilknur is present all the time. Doesn’t she run a news agency? Shouldn’t she be there?


Melike and Mehmet divert two more crises, one at home with Colonel, and one at the hospital with Engin and Ilknur. Melike and Mehmet, this team works together quite well.

Later, Melike interviews Engin about the patients. Our dear Mehmet clearly feels jealous. When he tries to subtly tell Melike to stay away from Engin, she doesn’t like it. They argue, there is another near kiss moment, and Mehmet just knows what needs to be done. He tells a few lies and takes Melike out for lunch. This is when the real fun begins. 

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