Turkish TV Series Review | Kiralik Ask | Episode 1

You can meet Kiralik Ask’s cast and characters here.

Kiralik Ask Episode 1 Written Update & Review

We meet Defne with a voice-over. She works as a waitress. They aren’t able to pay the rent for months. She is even late for work, and her boss isn’t happy about this. 

Then we meet Omer who is a perfectionist, even notices messy table. He’s also a workaholic, who doesn’t take any day off. 

Sinan and Yasmeen are Omer’s friends and co-workers. Yasmeen has eyes for Omer while Sinan drools over Yasmeen.

Omer’s aunty Neriman and his uncle Necme are arguing over something. Omer’s grandfather threatens to sell all his properties of Omer doesn’t get married within six months. Neriman talks to Omer, and almost forces him to finalize a girl and soon. They even set up Omer for a date. 

Omer’s date is at Defne’s restaurant. His date is a bimbo, and Omer just can’t tolerate her. Neriman is spying on them. Omer pulls the waitress with him to get away from his date. Everyone is watching and he kisses Defne.

Kiss count = 1

One episode and one kiss already. And there was Emergency Love that took forever for the first kiss but had plenty of near-kiss moments.

Now, Necme and Neriman seek Sinan’s help to set up Omer. The dialogues are really funny at times. 

Defne and her boss argue, and she’s fired. If that’s not enough, she learns that her brother Serdar has gotten a 200,000 liras loan from a loan shark and things don’t look good for Defne. 

Defne talks to her friends and Nihan and Ismail, but she doesn’t accept their help.  

Will destiny bring someone to help her? 


Omer is getting ready for work but he can’t stop thinking about the kiss, ahem!

Koray, the photographer arranges supermodel for shoot but Omer disapproves. Ah, the perfectionist. And then his PA leaves the job for another job.

Neriman meets Defne and offers her to woo Omer in exchange of 400,000 liras. Because of Serdar, she agrees for 200,000. 

The training begins – wearing heels, makeup, being stylish, his likes and dislikes and schedule, you know. And then we see the much-awaited makeover scene. 

And then they meet. He is shirtless and… Uff… but neither of them admit to knowing each other from their earlier encounter, ahem!

Omer meets his mentor Usta and Defne learns a bit about Omer’s past. 

Side note

The shoes are gorgeous… especially the green one on the display in this episode. 



What is Turkish dramas’ obsession with designers? Mudamu in Afili Ask, and Sarte in Ask Laftan Anlamaz and Passion in Kiralik Ask. 

Happy watching!

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