Turkish TV Series Review | Kiralik Ask | Episode 2

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Turkish TV Series Review | Kiralik Ask | Episode 1

Kiralik Ask Episode 2 Written Update & Review

Yasmeen is getting jealous of Defne already. And Omer is getting jealous of Sinan. Argh, jealousy!
Defne asks if Omer recalls their earlier meeting, but Omer tells her to worry about the job, and only the job. Sizzling chemistry… My phone heated up, that’s how it was, haha… Baris looks intense and cute at the same time… The way he looks at Defne… Uff… Ufff… Uffff… 
Near Kiss moment count =1 
Omer’s grandfather and mentor are friends. He is the one who looked after Omer. I see, so the two old men both care for Omer.. Interesting!
The shooting begins. Defne is a hard-working girl, and Omer can’t keep his eyes off her, like literally.
In one scene, Yasmeen is too touchy-feely with Omer and he says: meri goad mein baith jao. That was hilarious. I thought only I used that joke. Itna bhi kya ghusna re. Maintain social distancing, people.  
The model falls in water. While everyone rushes to look after the model, Omer picks up Defne and attend to her. One, two, three, let’s do it together – Awnnn! 
I like how Omer, Defne and driver Sukru banter in the car. 
Defne in a green dress count = 1
People are noticing that Omer treats Defne better than others. Love is in the air!!! Defne makes juice for Omer, and her rambling amuses him, so much so that he grins. Handsomeee!
Defne messes up the calls… Omer almost loses his temper, but someone helps her much to Yasmeen’s dismay. Defne is upset and Sinan tries to cheer her up. Bas, dude gets jealous and puts her on a nearly impossible chore. A similar scene was in Ask Laftan Anlamaz. 
Her friends also help her to make an excuse with her grandmother. Defne doesn’t ask a colleague for help but she calls Neriman. Neriman pulls all strings and calls in people to make things work. Awesome!!!


Defne’s grandmother isn’t entirely convinced about Defne not being home. Serdar tells Nihan about his lies but it breaks Nihan’s heart a little. That girl is in love and apparently Serdar loves him back, but neither of them are willing to talk first. Sheh… Why don’t they just say it aloud?
Sinan has helped Defne for Omer’s assignment. After that, they go out for coffee. Defne is good at mimicking. She mimicks chashmish first, and then Sinan asks her to mimic Yasmeen. She’s awesome at that. That was hilarious. 
Omer is a keen observer, and he has noticed that Defne’s heels are worn-out, so he lends him a pair of gorgeous sandals. Defne hugs him. Awnnn!

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