Recap | My Favourite New Talent in Pakistani Dramas 2021


2021 saw some new faces and emerging talent in Pakistani drama industry. In this list, we will see some debutants in the order in which I saw them.


1. Khushhal Khan in Bebasi and Qissa Meherbano Ka

Khushhal Khan is one of the debutants of 2021. He has been modeling for quite some time now, and Qissa Mehrbano Ka is his first foray into the acting world.

This good looking young chap was first scene in Qissa Mehrbano Ka as Ayaz, the estranged nephew of the titular character. His scenes are few and far between, but every time he is on screen, he makes his presence felt.

Next, we saw him in Aik Hai Nigaar as Nigaar’s brother Shahid. He had only a couple of scenes, but he has won our heart when he breaks down after losing his family.

In Bebasi, he is one of the leads. He plays Sahir, a young man helpless in love and a keen observer of people around him.

Khushhal is one of the most remarkable debuts of 2021


2. Azan Sami Khan in Ishq-e-Laa*

Ishq-e-Laa not only brings two powerhouse performers Yumna Zaidi and Sajal Ali together, but it also marks the debut of singer composer Azan Khan. Azan as hot shot businessman Azlan does a remarkable job of being an arrogant snob and a romanctic at heart. 

3. Adeel Afzal in Parizaad as Ahmad Nasaaz

Parizaad needed a friend who could 


4. Meerub Ali as Gul in Sinf-e-Aahan



5. Syeda Sidra Batool in Sinf-e-Aahan

Jeena pawri girl


Bonus: Arsalan Naseer in Chupke Chupke

I have been a fan of Arsalan Naseer for ages, and I have been watching his content ever since he did a parody of Mere Paas Tum Ho (you should check it out). It was on his channel that I heard of Chupke Chupke. For a debutant, he has done well to portray a loving brother and a confused lover boy Haadi. He then appeared in a telefilm Hona Thha Pyaar opposite Sanam Jung. In some places, he lacks range to express his emotions, and I have noted in my review of the telefilm. But he is a charmer, and his was definitely a promosing debut.

I know… 


Do you agree with my picks? Who is your favourite performer of this year?

Shabana Mukhtar