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A little recap from episode 9

Shanaya is trying hard to file FIR for Sultan’s murder. Azlan isn’t happy with this.

Ishq-e-Laa episode 10 written update and review

Azlan isn’t happy with Shanaya. To make things work, Arbab threatens Azlan about Shanaya. He openly admits that his only son Arsalan is the killer. And still Ghayas and Azlan agree to play along with Arbab Haroon. Would Shanaya cave under pressure? I don’t think so.

Azlan tells Shanaya that she should let it go as Arsalan is just a young boy. Seriously dude? Is it just a little thing? Is he just a young man?


Azlan was already a bit arrogant but it’s Ghayas who surprises me. He starts shout at Shanaya.


This is my house and you should follow my rules.


He says this not once, but twice. Terrible terrible delivery by Usman Peerzada. But Shanaya decides to leave the house. She can’t leave her principals over this. This is such a bold step. She is leaving her marriage, her love for justice. Sitwat calls and informs Shanaya’s mother. This is the first time I noticed Azlan’s parents’ name.


The FIR is filed, Arsalan has an arrest warrant, and the court has sent a notice already. Does Arsalan remind anyone of Nausherwan from Namal? Arbab Haroon doing everything in his power to keep Arsalan out of shit, just like Hashim Kardaar did for Nausherwan.


We see another Khaani like scene. Arbab Haroon offers a lot of money and lifetime financial support to Kanwal. Kanwal refuses the offer. Arbab leaves but not before threatening them about Aliha.


Azka is selected for medical. Instead of celebrating, she is heartbroken. She doesn’t have the resources to pursue medical education now. Shanaya offers to pay the fee. Isn’t she the kindest soul?


Azlan takes Shanaya to the same jungle where he first realized that he loves her, the same place where he proposed to her. He tries to convince her to step back and come home. I might disagree with Azlan’s point of view but the couple is in love and we can their chemistry in abundance.


“Agar haq aur sach ke raaste pe chalna itna aasan hota to koi bhatakta hi nahin,” Shanaya tells Azlan.

Shanaya leaves Azlan, until she is done with this case. Would Azlan let her come back?

What to expect from episode 11?

Ghayas is mad at Shanaya. Will this stand between Azlan and Shanaya?
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