Recap | Favourite OSTs of 2021

5. Rangeen Fasaney Hain (Laapata)

It was peppy and fast. I’m including it in the list because it also has some nice songs as background score during the 22 episodes. Danny Z’s tu mud ke na jaa in episode 19 and Rang Hai’s modern rendition in episode 22 were also lovely additions. Loved it. 

rangin fasanay hain, heelay bahanay hain
kabhi tooti aahein hain, kabhi hai Ragni ( hai Ragni )
kabhi aisay maddham hoan
jaise diye ki lau
kabhi khidkion se chhanti hui roshni ( roshni )

tootay hue khowaboon ki bhikri kirchiyaan
palkon pe tarey ban ke jhilmilati rahein
sachey iraday bhi ik pal nah kam huye
tufanoon ki laharen aati jati rahein
khaali raahon pay safar hai rawan
manzil ka nishaa, nah jane hai kahan
laapata hoon mein tu bhi hai laapata
anjani dagar se hai na-aashna

qismat ke hathon se main ne chura li hai
jee ki guzari hai zara si zindagi
sab teri yaado ko, hmm, tere nishanon ko
haan, aisay chupaya hai jaisay thay hi nahin

saathi do palon ke thay, hum do ajnabi
sab zanjeeren tod dein
dil ki hi suni
jeeney ka hosla barhta hi gaya
soch ki parwazein rokay na rukin
khaali raahon pay safar hai rawaan
manzil ka nishaa, na jane hai kahan
laapata hoon mein tu bhi hai laapata
anjani dagar se hai na-aashna

4. Adhuri Hoon Main from (Akhir Kab Tab)

That throaty and grim rendition of Adhuri Hoon Main is one of the many good things that we have come to associate with Akhir Kab Tak.

3. Chalein Uss Badal Pe (Sinf e Aahan)

This is a close third to Parizaad. The best thing about patriotic songs is that it can be applied to any country, especially for South Asian countries India and Pakistan that have cultural similarities. 

Asim Azhar’s young and energetic voice gives us goosebumps and brings tears to our eyes. 

2. Na pooch Parizaadoan sey… (Parizaad)

Naa Poochh Parizaadoan Sey

Yeh Hijr Kaise Jhela Hai

Yeh Tan Badan Toh Chalni Hain 

Aur Rooh Pe Bhi Chhalay Hain

This OST is written based on the story of Parizaad and aptly describes who the protagonist is.

1. Tere Bin of Hum Kahan Kay Sacchay Thhay

Yashal Shahid’s soulful rendition of tere bin has been a phenomenon and a meme both. The viewers fell in love with her unique voice and the beautiful lyrics and then the OST played so often that it lost all meaning and charm. 

Nonetheless, it is still the best ost for me.

Kahe Mil Ke Bichre Thay
Aansoo Mein Doobay Thay
Shikwa Bhi Kya Karte
Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay

Akhiyon Ne Kyun Akhiyon Se
Joda Hai Yun Dewano Se
Akhiyon Ne Teri Akhiyon Se
Bandha Hai Kyun Ashkon Se

Tere Bin Tere Bin Tere Bin
Tere Bin
Tere Bin Hayee Tere Bin
Tere Bin

Honourable mentions

Oh, so many… Just about all the OSTs of all the dramas that started in 2021. From Ishq-e-Laa to Dobara to Shehnai, from Chupke Chupke to Amanat; from Bebasi to Dil-e-Momin; these OSTs are catchy.

For some reason, as I draft this post, Zeb Bangash’s Yaar-e-Man of Diyar-e-Dil is ringing in my head. Strangest things happen these days, huh?

Alright, so that was the list. I’m sure I’m missing many more, but then, I don’t watch a lot of dramas, you know.

Should I ask you to check out my books on Amazon or you will do that on your own? You know what, you can buy me a cup of coffee, maybe?

Stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar



  1. Adhuri hoon main….

  2. Liza says:

    Btw which ost is at number 4?

  3. I know yaar… Some of these I haven’t seen, but I can update the list later today after listening to these. Shehnai and AKT I know, they are good.

  4. Liza says:

    I have a few honorable mentions… DEM, dobara, saathiya from ishq e laa, AMEK, shehnai, pehli si muhabbat, sanwal from raqs e bismil, fitoor, ishq hai and if you ask me the best ost of the year goes to aakhir kab taks aadhuri hu mein

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