TV Series Review: Episode 46 – Kara Para Ask – Season 2 (Turkish)


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I am back to watching this series.

Too many revelations –

Elif is in prison and is being made to believe that she killed Hussein.

Hussein is not dead. Of course, I knew it.

Nilufer finds about Fatih taking her father’s gun.

Tayyar confronts Fatih too.

Nilufer is pregnant.

Nedret is spotted with Tayyar by Omer.

Omer breaks into Sundar house and holds Fatih on gun point, only to be stopped by Tayyar.

Tayyar is everywhere. It is getting tiring. Doesn’t the guy sleep at all. Then he makes Fatih shoot Omer

And yes Hussein finds out about Elif arrest.

Fatih shoots Omer and makes a slow walk.

And the episode ends.

Fatih cannot kill omer, can he?

Happy watching!

Shabana Mukhtar