TV Series Review: Episode 48 – Kara Para Ask – Season 2 (Turkish)


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Fatih convinces Husseyin to kill Tayyar.

Omer knows that Elif’s psychiatrist works for Tayyar. He tells Elif to stop taking the pill and she starts to feel better.

Omer surprises Elif by flying a kite next to the Jail. Elif’s cellmates are warming up to her, except Hande.

Elif notices that Hande is bullying Ebru. She convinces Ebru to tell on Hande, and Hande is taken away; but only for a few hours. That is so annoying. I mean, why the bad people are never punished?

The episode ends with Omer wondering if his brother is still alive; Husseyin holding a gun to Tayyar’s head; and Hande hurting Elif with a knife.

Will Husseyin kill Tayyar? Doubt it. I told you, bad people always survive.

This series is annoyingly long and interesting. I started watching episode 46 yesterday night and couldn’t stop until I had finished three episodes – that’s six hours.

I know, I am crazy.

Stay tuned for the review next episode.

Happy watching!

Shabana Mukhtar

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