TV Series Review: Kara Para Ask – Season 1 (Turkish)


My sister was watching this series Kara Para Ask on YouTube and recommended it to me.

Turkish dramas are long, like really long. The first Turkish series I watched was Fatima Gul. I didn’t finish it, because it just wasn’t ending.

I don’t know Turkish. I watched the episodes with English subtitles or with Hindi Urdu dubbing. It sounds funny, the voices don’t match the characters but what can I do, except compromise.


The main plot is about Money Laundering. There are several subplots.

The series revolves around Omer and Elif, they are the protags. There are four parties, and the four parties overlap like crazy.

  1. The Denizers & The Dundars
  2. The Demirs
  3. The Police
  4. The bad people

The Demirs are in police and the police has bad people. The Dundars are bad people, and they have ties with the police department. The Denizers are victims, but also have not-so-clean background.

There are a lot of characters and there is not a single character which has no story. That’s one of the best things of the series.

The first season has 13 episodes, each episode is almost 40 minutes long. Each episode leaves you with craving for more.

And the season ends at a note that you can’t resist moving to the next clip in YouTube.

I am watching the second season now. And review will soon follow.

Happy watching!

Shabana Mukhtar


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