Amazon Prime Video Binge | Day 6 | Vicky This Side, Varun That Side | Varun Thakur

Okay, let’s move to the second member of TISS: The Internet Said So.

Varun Thakur, ladies and gentlemen!

This show has two parts, as you can understand from the title. First, Varun Thakur performs as himself. Later, we see his alter-ego.

His jokes aren’t as funny as his performance. He enacts every character with such conviction that you cannot stop smiling. I had already seen some bits but the way he ends the Varun bit: “When is Pritam when you need him?” 


Now comes the fun part – Vicky Malhotra! 

Just love the swag this man has… 

He delivers the joke, laughs at it, explain it and sing praises for himself. He mispronounces some words for jokes, and it works every.single.time.

Vicky was far more unabashedly sexist and funnier than Varun but it was nice one time watch.

And,.there is a bonus at the end. Vicky dances to some.ounjabubtune as he exists the stage. If you ahg around a little longer and see the end credits, you will also see Neville patting Vicky’s back.

No, it doesn’t just mean I am fangirling over Neville again. It just shows their friendship. About tiss, k will hopefully blog soon. 

On to the next item. Will post the review soon.

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Shabana Mukhtar