Brochara | Episode 4 | The flatmate


The fourth episode opens as Shivashish is reading eulogy of Ashok the accountant.

Soon after, Raghav the boss orders Ramya the peon to clear Ashok’s desk whereas Shivashish wants more time. Emotional attachment, rolling eyes…

His flatmate roopak is psycho case. He forces them to stay, offers them water, eats rice with orange juice. Upset with his plight, Shivashish offers to cook for him and the five of them eat together.
One thing leads to other and roopak offers them drink, another not so subtle Dewar product placement.

As it turns out, Roopak is also a mortal Kombat addict. And the episode ends as the five of them play mortal Kombat and hang out.


I was proven wrong. This episode wasn’t about Shivashish, but about his rather compassionate feelings for one of his colleagues.

Apart from some tiny moments that tickled my funny bones, this episode was not as entertaining as previous ones. Even though Shivashish’s voice-over that compares life with ice-cream is apt and on point, I didn’t enjoy it.

That’s my review of fourth episode of Brochara. How did you like this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar