Teritree: A new eatery in Magarpatta

It is that time of the year.

The year is drawing to an end and we have to party. Yes, it is a mandate because we get yearly budget for team activities and we haven’t had one all year. Oh, wait. We had one.

So, this time, we decided to go to a new eatery in Magarpatta – Teritree. Team lunch or dinners are generally the most dull and unhappening events but this time it was different.  I thought I will share a little about that evening. Let’s call this my official review of this restaurant, shall we?

We started late, later than we had planned. But we were amazed by the huge parking lot. It is a good sign because getting a parking spot is rapidly becoming a challenge these days.


Yep, that’s the facade of the restaurant.


The decor has primarily golden touch. 

The seating area is divided into three sections, each in different style. The entrance has regular restaurant style. It is a rather large area and houses a lot of tables. The passage takes you to the washrooms and takes you to the open space.

The open space has 8 cozy seating arrangements with soft cushions. There are 4 tables on each side. Each table can seat 12. Even though there are 14 seats, the corners ones are generally not used. I mean, that person won’t have any room to place her plate. 

The third section and the one we chose is upstairs. After a flight of 30 stairs, you enter the terrace. It has a bar at the center and tables all around it. People have choice to opt for candle-lit dinner or regular ones. As the terrace has more open space, it is appropriate for birthday bashes, etc.


The appetizers were quick to arrive, impressing us. But, then began the wait for main course. I was sitting with two moms, and they were anxiously watching the time every few minutes, so I have a record of our wait time. We had ordered main course around 8:50 PM, and one of my colleague noted that by 9:45 PM, we should be ready to leave. Then, we talked some. We ran out of topics, so everyone started playing with their phones.

It was 9:05PM. Bored with this, one of the colleagues started a very controversial topic – one that should not be discussed outside (should not be discussed AT ALL). While it provided some distraction from our gurgling bellies, we were all painfully aware of the time. Finally, around 9:45, the waiters brough the main course.

Roughly an hour of wait after finishing first course. Hmmm!


We opted for a variety of cuisines. For appetizers, we had chosen one dish from ‘Grills’ and one from ‘Chinese’. Both tasted okay, but it was cold. Not even lukewarm, just plain cold.

The main course wasn’t much different. Pasta was bland and semi-cooked. The chilly garlic noodles were so plain that I had to pour a generous amount of pepper sauce. It did not help much. The sauce was pungent and stale-ish. To suppress it, I added oregano. I know, it was that bad.

Finally, around 10 o’clock, desserts were ordered. It was the only thing that tasted good and was piping hot. I don’t want to credit it to them, though. I had ordered sizzling brownie with icecream. It would have been a shame if it did not sizzle, right?


I totally understand that there were too customers which can be overwhelming, but they did not seem to be low on staff. 

They didn’t serve water, until we asked them, repeatedly. The taste was good, but the service was slow. 

We enjoyed the outing and the ambiance was nice, but everyone was severely disappointed with the overall experience.

Shabana Mukhtar

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