Mere Paas Tum Ho | Episode 19 | Forgiveness isn’t easy to get or give

It is time to review the 19th episode of Mere Paas Tum Ho.

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Plot Summary

Salman is sympathetic towards Mehwish but Ayesha refuses to let her stay at her house. What kind of friend is she? Weren’t they in college together?Mehwish meets Haniya and asks her if they are getting married. Haniya sternly says no. Mehwish looks broken as she reminisces Danish’s words.

Mehwish feels that she wasn’t wrong and that many men do the same. The confrontation between Haniya and Mehwish is something that we all have been discussing over and over again.Danish has started working at the stock exchange and he is intuitive when it comes to stocks and his selection makes quite a profit.Salman asks Danish if he would accept Mehwish back? He laughs at him, refuses to talk to Mehwish but claims that he has forgiven her.As expected, Mehwish calls Danish asking him to meet her once. But, he says no, again.There is another long discussion between Salman and Ayesha, where both try to defend Mehwish and Danish. By the way, Ayesha had helped Mehwish get a job and get a room in women’s hostel.The episode ends as we see Mehwish repenting her doing inside a dargah.


As usual, this episode was full of very deep and heart touching lines. And some very disturbing and contradictory statements.But the best confrontation was between Rumi and Mehwish. That little kid!

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Shabana Mukhtar