Deewar-e-Shab | Episode 28

Welcome to TOMU ‘The Other Me Unfolded’. Let’s review Deewar-e-Shab episode 28.

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Plot Summary

Karachi Track

This episode begins with Salaar and Khayyam confronting in that under construction site. Khayyam is a selfish, stone-hearted ungrateful son of Feroza. One thing to note here is that Shahzad Shaikh has a range of expressions and Shehroz has none.

Ma’az and Rabia attend a birthday party. Islam is worried about Jabar’s gang.

Rabia tries to instill more hope in Ma’az but he refuses to listen to her.

Nabeel is being his menacing worst self and he asks a very old man to polish shoes for him and help him wear it. Salaar kidhar hai?

He arrives a few seconds later but is completely out of his mind and beats Nabeel. I am not satisfied with the beating he got but it is okay. Something’s better than nothing.

Salaar orders Nabeel to apologize to Mairaj Chacha in front of all the servants and Yousuf. Yousuf is thoroughly enjoying the show, by the way.

Lahore Track

Nageena is heartbroken when Sandal talks to her rudely. She vents her frustration in front of her only friend – Shama.

The next morning, Nageena is all philosophical and sad while others understand her pain just as much.

Almas has learned from the best of the munh-phats so she doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind.

Nageena is getting ready to attend the film party and the dreaded moment arrives – Sitara Jahan tells him that she has sold the bangles already. Nageena crushes her heart again and smiles for her mother.


Faiq appears after a long time and his portrayal of Salman is so perfect.

Nausheen Shah as Nageena is so freaking good.

That’s my take on this episode. How did you like this one? Please leave a comment.

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Until next review, remember in your prayers and stay blessed!

Shabana Mukhtar