Peanut Butter: A Short Film


Peanut Butter is a short film, less than 20 minutes long. It stars Gauhar Khan.

The short film tackles the unplanned pregnancy, the doubts that it plants in the mother-to-be, and the internal debate that transpires within the lead character.

Plot Summary

The story is about Priya Mathur. One morning, she is seen waiting for the home pregnancy test. The result is positive. She panics, as any single woman would be. Yep, she calls the doctor’s clinic, to abort the child.

Ready to go out, she opens the door to find a teenage boy standing in the doorway, holding a shoe in his hand. He is trying to stick the soul, and asks for peanut butter. Priya is irritated and tries to get rid of him as soon as possible, by handing over an entire jar of peanut butter.

After a confusing and slightly scary sequence, we find that the boy is nobody but her unborn child. He tries to talk her into considering and keeping the baby.

Priya: This world is a dirty place, especially for a woman, doubly for a pretty one, triply for a successful one and exponentially for a single one.

Rohan: Selflessness is important.

Rohan explains that her problems will be there irrespective of her having a kid or not. She should kill herself, instead of killing her unborn child.


It is a nice story and a nice short film. I loved the scene when Rohan was holding his shoe in his hand and kicks the peanut butter with the same hand, at least that is how it is seen on reel.

Their dance is also nice.

The chat between her and her unborn child warms your heart and even though I am not endorsing the idea of having a child outside of marriage, it is a very interesting story.
You can watch the movie on Playground Digital Cinema channel on YouTube.

I had watched it in 2017. Today, YouTube suggested this video and I thought, “hey, content” 🙂

Stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar

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