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A tale of sisterhood.

A tale of suffering.

A tale of truth.

Kajol, Shruti Hassan, Neha Dhupia and 6 other talented women have joined hands in this terrific hard-hitting short film.


The shortfilm opens in a living room. There are several women around, busy in doing just as many seemingly useless tasks – watching movie, peeling peas, studying medicine, waxing, paying cards, drinking, snoozing and swinging on a rocking chair.

All are raped, and beaten. Things get out of hand as they hear a doorbell and strongly protesting against a new member in the already crowded household.

In walks a six year old girl.

Why do I do this to myself?

I don’t read newspapers because it is either filled with rape news or government’s systematic threats to kick me out of this country (I am a Muslim) or somebody singing praises for the Hindu Rashtra.

That’s not right, some would say. But, that is the protective bubble I want to live in, as long as I am allowed to live here *snort*

Nothing hurts me more than the graphic details in which the rape is reported. I We don’t want to know how and what the rapist destroyed the anatomy of the victim. I We don’t even want to know how many rapes happen. I We only want that justice is served to those men.

Apologies, I digress. This is one brilliant short film that brought tears to my eyes, a severe pain in my chest and a firm resolve – I am never going to watch short films.

Shabana Mukhtar