Web Series Review: What The Folks Season 2

What The Folks is a web series that is released on Dice Media channel. The series is divided in small seasons of 4 or 5 episodes. Each episode is about 25 minutes long.

You can read my review of What the Folks Season 1. The second season consists of 5 episodes. In the first season, we saw Nikhil adjusting with his in laws. The premise has changed. It’s about Solankis now. Nikhil’s family is visiting them and it is Anita’s turn to adjust with Nikhil’s adorable yet crazy family.

From the YouTube channel

‘What The Folks’ is a journey of how modern families are breaking stereotypes, overcoming generation gaps, and growing to love one another, despite having starkly different world views. The show encapsulates the familial struggles of Nikhil, a young man who is forced to live with his in-laws for a few weeks.

Cast and Characters

Veer Rajwant Singh as Nikhil Solanki

The main character. He works at a feed delivery app startup. He has moved to Mumbai as Rohan has offered him partnership.

Eisha Chopra as Anita Sharma / Anita Solanki

Nikhil’s wife. She’s working woman. She had a better job at Delhi. Deep inside, she regrets having to move back to Mumbai, just to accompany Nikhil. She doesn’t like her current job.

Shishir Sharma as Kiran Solanki

Nikhil’s father. He’s old, has a disease and likes eating junk food. (Who does’t?) His attitude towards life is still positive and healthy.

Renuka Shahne as Vandana Solanki aka Vandu

Nikhil’s mother. She’s a teacher and has an open mind about things, except when it comes to Kiran’s health.

Shreyas Solanki

Nikhil’s sister. She’s working and is married to Jason but not happy with him. After splitting up, she’s setting up a new home in Mumbai.

S02E01 – Welcome home

The episode begins as we see Nikhil and Nita struggle to get into their house as the key gets stuck in the lock. They call a key maker who charges them 1000. As the key maker is leaving, their neighbour opens the door and informs them that he had a spare key.

What significance does this scene have on the overall story? Wait until second episode for that. There is no scene that has no relevance.

Nikhil’s parents visit them at their home. The lovely Renuka Shahane plays Vandana aka Vandu. Kiran and Vandu struggle to find the address. There is no number plate on that floor.

The tables have turned now. Anita has to deal with Kiran and Candy’s strange yet lovely relationship. Anu is awkward and they run out of topics for small talks.

After dinner they go out for walk. Kiran goes alone, and doesn’t come back even after 1.5 hours. Even his phone is at home. Damn! Can’t wait for the next episode.

Pepperfry ad.

S02E02 – Surprise, surprise

Kiran gets lost and spends a lot of time at a tea stall. His conversation with the stall owner feels a little off.

We find then, that he has dementia. It just breaks my heart. Kiran has acted really well.

Anita suggests that they go for a stand-up comedian show. Anita runs late but they have a good time.

Nikhil’s sister Shreya visits them unannounced and gets in by borrowing the spare key. There are cold vibes between Shreya and Nikhil.

The family cooks dinner together. It was a nice feeling.

That’s not all. Something’s off between Shreya and Jason and only Nikhil seems to notice it. He finds out that Shreya has been lying to them.

Episode 3 spilling the beans

Rohan and Nikhil are out on a venue and Nikhil chooses to discuss Shreya problem with him then.

Vandu sees Anita tense and talks sense into her that she should stop trying to be perfect and learn to let things go.

Nikhil tries to talk to Shreya but she flips out.

Episode 4 Something’s Missing

This episode generally is just about understanding Shreya’s side of the story.

The family has left for attending the birthday party to Alibag.

Nikhil’s prospect investors back out and he’s already stressed about it.

Episode 5 House of Cards

At the birthday party, Shreya casually asks Dolly about life after divorce. Just then, Jason arrives. Kiran has invited him.

Whoever is Jason, is so good looking. He respects her parents but Shreya doesn’t like that. I don’t understand the reason.

Things get blown out of proportion as the news travels and gets misshapen along the way. Right in the middle of the birthday party, raita phail gaya.


The sibling angle between Shreya and Nikhil reminded me of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na movie. Younger brother is best friends with elder sister. She moves on, but he can’t. Sounds familiar?

I don’t understand. How come it is so cool to smoke, drink and say swear words. Is it cool? I mean…

This family has its own set of problems. I feel for them but I cannot empathize with all. All matters are resolved conveniently over a drink or sutta. Is that so?

All said and done, I’d want to see Kiran’s battle with his disease and I am still signed up for the third season. Nah, not giving up.

See you in next post.

Shabana Mukhtar