Sanam Saeed: The Girl Who Never Fails to Impress

Note: This is by no means a biography or wiki entry. This is the actor profile as I know them.

I first saw Sanam Saeed in Zindagi Gulzar Hai. The drama was really good, but Sanam also left an ever lasting impression on me.

Whether is it her looks or her verstality; her voice or the way she expresses herself; she never fails to impress me.

She’s tall, and slim. Her eyes are big and expressive and her complexion is right in the middle – not too fair and not too dark.

And her gorgeous hair, OMG! She’s one of the few Pakistani actresses who can sport any hairstyle and look terrific.

Below is the chronology of Sanam’s work – the order in which I’ve seen her.

1. Kashaf in Zindagi Gulzar Hai 

Kashaf is strong, stubborn, independent and yet vulnerable. Her non-glam avatar, especially her entrance to the university where she holds her dupatta near her chin. I cried when I watched that scene. It was nostalgic for me. In Muslim community when girls are at the threshold of kid and an adult, they are asked to wear suitable clothes and carry an odhni and cover your body and don’t let it slip. For dear that it would slip, my sister and I used to hold it near our chin. My neighbours laughed at me, and k never understood why. But it hurt me. Seeing kashaf brought back those memories. It amazed me that s girl born in Uk raised in Karachi had the same body language.  

2. Minah in Talkhiyan Kadoorat 

The menacing, plotting, borderline psycho in Kadoorat. I never empathised with her, not even as a kid. She was a bully since childhood, even ithe boarding school.  

3. Fiza in Daam 

The selfish, shakki girl with a class phobia. She never liked Sanam Baloch. What’s more, when Amna becomes her sister in law, she treats her badly as well. K hated her on screen persona.two years later, I found out that Daam was her debut drama. What a fine performance for a debutant. 

4. Shaziya in Mera Naseeb  

A rebel girl in her mother’s house; an understanding daughter in law in her sasural; and  a compromising wife when they are living separately; Sanam plays every part with such conviction that your heart goes out for her. 

5. Yamina in Mata-e-jaan hai Tu 

The bold, modern and adorable sister. She has her own demons. Her husband 

6. Paras in Ek Kasak Reh Gayi 


7. Sana in Shukk

A struggling mother and second wife in Shak who struggles to find her foothold

8. Samar in Dobara Phir Se 

The bubbly girl who doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. 

9. Nida in Dil Banjara 

Nida is a girl with a lot of dreams and ambitions, as are most of the girls in their teenage. Her circumstances aren’t , she wants to travel around the world, write best poetry and live carefree. Unfortunately, she has a lot of responsibilities. She lives with a physically challenged father, mentally disturbed mother, and a strict Tayi Ammi, to top that all up, she has a Phupoo too, and who wants Nida to marry as soon as possible. Nida has other plans though. During her trip to Nepal, she meets Sikander (played by Adnan Malik), also known as Sikki, who shares same passion as Nida. 

10. Tehmina in Aakhri Station 

I have reviewed this 7 episodes long drama in Aakhri Station. I have noted in the review that Yasmeen’s characterization was the best performance of all the seven women. It does not mean that Sanam’s performance does not impact you. Her character, Tehmina, is the glue that brings those seven womens together. They are from different walks of life and have endured a different struggle in their life. Sanam is perfect in this role.

Which one of these are your favourites? Comment below. Let’s discuss Sanam Saeed.

Shabana Mukhtar