3 Reasons I waited for Coke Studio Season 12

Why was I waiting for Coke Studio Season 12?

1. Cuz I am addicted

Coke Studio has some really good songs and I have been addicted to a few. It means that I look forward to more soul searching music. This addiction makes me wait for the Coke Studio Session all year long.

2. Rohail Hayat is back

All this while, I have read a ton blogs speculating the return of Rohail Hayat to Coke studio. I didn’t believe it, because I have seen that commentary in previous seasons as well. People want Rohail back as Coke Studio was his brainchild. Well, it may be. I see then difference between the six seasons that he produced and I loved those tracks, especially the Basra song that featured Ayesha Omer.
I wouldn’t say I hated it when Strings was brought on board. In fact, I heard about it during season 9.

With all due respect, season 11  disappointed me. Now that Rohail is back, I hope that we have some good tracks this season.

3. The artists

The artists line up this year is interesting. Atif Aslam is back, so are QB and Ali Sethi. Other artists include Zoe Viccaji, Rachel Viccaji, Rahat Fateh ali Khan, Abrar-ul-Haq, Aima Baig, Ali Sethi, Hadiqua Kayani etc.

That said, looking forward to the episodes.



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