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Sarah Khan has been working for a long time, and I have watched her plenty. This is a list of all the dramas in the order that I’ve seen her work.

Sara in Gauhar-e-Nayab (I’m yet to review it)

She plays Gauhar-e-Nayab’s rival

Ek Kasak Reh Gayi

Paras’s sister

Gaiti Aara in Deewar-e-Shab (2019-2020)

Nagina’s daughter, Sitara Jahan’s granddaughter. She likes Khayyam but falls for Salaar when Khayyam leaves Sitara Mahal.


Meeral in Sabaat (2020)


The main antagonist/protagonist. I’m not sure what to call her. The drama was as much about her as it was about Anaya. I would say she was an antagonist. If you do shit for 95% of the drama and then repent only after an accident that confines you to a wheelchair, you ain’t a hero.

Zohra in Raqs-e-Bismil (2020-2021)

The niqab clad courtesan who forever changed the life of angry young man Musa.

Falak in Laapata (2021)

A sensible, sensitive and sensuous heroine who wasn’t a damsel in distress. We need more heroines like her.


Maha in Hum Tum (2022)

Maha Qutbuddin, the most sensible Qutbuddin sister, but she is also cray.



Which role of Sarah Khan do you like the best?


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