Drama Review | Habs | Episode 6

Habs | Is Love Really Needed For A Marriage?

ARY’s new drama Habs is an unusual drama with a story that involves a loving couple, trying to make it through the misunderstandings that are created by the unfortunate circumstances and the people around them.

Habs Episode 6 Written Review & Update

It was a slow moving episode last night. But I’ll summarize it below.

Basit and his demons…

Sadia confronts Basit about the engagement being called off. Basit taunts Sadia again about her failed marriage with Salman and blames her, again, for Basit’s abandonment issues.

Basit then gets an anxiety attack and scolds the servant for misplacing his tablets. Sadia hears this and questions the servant about Basit’s behaviour. The servant reveals to her that he often gets these attacks and eats the tablets on a daily basis.

Sadia, shocked to hear about this, goes to check up on Basit. Basit for the first time, opens up to her about his inner demons that have been haunting him. Because of his mother abandoning him.

Sadia asks Basit for forgiveness, which he does. Or so he claims.

Bano oh Bano…

Bano finds out about Talal’s wedding, to another woman. Bano, heartbroken, schools her mother about her zulm and khudgarzi.

To people like Bano, I would just like to say that, I think it is important to keep your parents desires above yours. Especially if you know that they have no ill-intentions. Qudsia isn’t a bad mother at all. She is just a woman who is bound by poverty, struggling to make ends meet.

Bano should be more understanding of her mother’s plight. But with that said, Qudsia shouldn’t have been that selfish, either. She shouldn’t deprive her daughters from getting married as well. But khair, this is a dysfunctional family.

Baaghi Zoya

Zoya is in the car with her beau discussing marriage plans. She claims that she would not be like Bano and have things her way. Woah!

Later, Bobby phupho overhears her conversation with her beau and demands Zoya to tell her everything truthfully. Sheeven promises Zoya that she would not tattle tale on her.

Well, Bobby isn’t all bad at all. She is willing to help Zoya not go through the Bano episode again.

Also, I must say, I don’t quite like Zoya. I don’t know why. But I hope this judgement of mine changes.

Bechari Ayesha

The whole episode, Ayesha was busy doing some work. But anyway.

Ayesha is late for office and she at the receiving end from Basit. He orders her to finish some report by tonight. He enlists help from Jawad and Hina, her colleagues.

Jawad taunts Ayesha about her episode the night before. Insinuating that she might be having relations with Basit. Ayesha is visibly upset. He even taunts her again when he gives her a new phone, on Basit’s request. Later, he is seen gossiping with the rest of his colleagues and bitches about Ayesha.

Ayesha lets Basit know about about the rumours spread about her. Basit slaps Jawad infront of his colleagues. He slapped so hard even his specs flew right off. Hahahah. But dil mein thandak ho gayi. Jawad is a nuisance.

Basit then makes a small speech.

Never put false allegations on any woman again. It is because of men like Jawad that women feel inferior and get insulted. Learn to respect woman. And if this happens in my office again, I’ll fire you!

Man, I was right about Basit. He is not like a full misogynist. He respects women and their status. I guess he just hates “his mother”, but generalizes it as “I hate all women”. I think.


But the face that Ayesha makes after Jawad’s insult. That smirk. A winner!

Drama Review

Although the episode was slow, I still quite enjoyed the episode. And Feroze Khan chhaa gaya in this episode. He was just so good! And the way he protects Ayesha, oof! Please get married already! I can’t wait. When they both marry each for their own financial purposes and then they fall in love, haye!

These forced marriages are my guilty pleasure. Team Habs going steady.


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