Drama Review | Angna | Episode 21

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Angna Episode 21 Written Updates and Review

Ayeza keeps sulking about Ammar but she doesn’t have the guts to tell her in-laws. She goes to spend the time with Abeeha, and Moosa jokes that Ammar might be having an affair on the side. Ayeza behaves quite rudely with Moosa, and I didn’t like it.
Nayab pressurizes Raza to return the keys to the new house. Raza or her parents aren’t happy, but nobody can say a word in front of Nayab. Azhar, however, kinda blackmails Nayab to accept the gift. Abba hon to aise.
Eshal and Zain make a brief apperance in this episode. Saira is awaiting a “good news” from them. Argh! So typical. I hadn’t expected that from a businesswoman like Saira. Kya Bahu se yehi ek umeed kar sakte hain? Wasn’t Eshal the GM of her father’s firm? Why couldn’t she work?
Bushra and Salma wore red in this episode. But it’s Atiqa Odho who always looks stunning no matter what she wears. She is the prettiest of them all. 🙂


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