Drama Review | Sang-e-Maah | Episode 12



Sang-e-Maah Episode 12 Written Update and Review

Hikmat wants to settle the whole dispute once and for all, even if it takes standing in front of his own lala Hilmand. I like how Hikmat has suddenly taken charge of the situation. He confronts his father, his mother and then the elders of the jirga. He has a legit stand, but I don’t like why he is being rude to her parents. 
There is only one person who is worried from Hilmand’s point of view: Sheherzade. She meets Gul Meena and requests her to knock some sense into Hikmat’s head.
“Hilmand ek bahot bari burayi hai, itni aasani se us ki jaan nahin jayegi,” Gul Meena tells Sheherzade. 
Gul Meena doesn’t want to talk to Hikmat. That scene was one of the most touching scenes of this drama. Two women truly, madly, deeply in love. My heart goes out to Sheherzade. Gul Meena loves Hikmat, Hikmat loves her back. Sheherzade, however, has fallen in love with Hilmand who doesn’t even know how Sheherzade feels.
“Badbakht Hilmand ghag na karta toh tumhein uski ki ghar wali bana deta,” Marjaan says.
Haw! Haji Marjaan is the only one who can see through Sheherzade. I’m so eagerly waiting for their Sheherzade and Hilmand’s love story. 
Zarsanga can’t sleep, and she forces her maid to give her afeem (opium, but afeem sounds so much better). 
Mastan Singh fulfills her promise and stabs Hilmand, and he also tells Gul Meena. Marjaan thinks that it’s Hikmat who has killed his own brother. But what about Hilmand? Will he survive the injury. I’m sure he will. And what about Mastan? Can he afford to face another jirga? The episode leaves us with many open questions, and I can’t wait to see the next episode.


Hania Amir keeps surprising me in this drama. She is vulnerable, she is angsty, she is hurt. And she is oh so pretty. She has gotten hold of the pushto accent as well. She’s like Alia Bhatt, suddenly all grown up and mature as an actor.
Kubra Khan is also a surprise package. We saw her as psycho Mashal, and then fierce Mahjabeen and then vulnerable Sheherzade, she embodies every character
Atif Aslam, oh my goodness, what an actor he is. His dialogue delivery is so so good. I agree, he is blessed with a unique voice, but few can use that voice to their advantage. 
And then there is Noman Ejaz, an institute in himself. This drama is a treat to watch.
I was travelling yesterday, and couldn’t get network. Hence the delayed review. I hope people didn’t miss my rant 🙂


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