Drama Review | Angna | Episode 42

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Angna Episode 42 Written Updates and Review

Ziya and Salma come to meet Azhar and family. Salma has an agenda: talk to Ayeza about Ammar. This meeting serves many purposes.
  • Ziya tells Azhar and Dadi that he wants Moosa and Abeeha to get hitched. Dadi convinces everyone that they should talk to Abeeha after Eshal gets better. 
  • Salma talks to Ayeza and tells her to consider giving Ammar a second chance. 
  • On a lighter note, Salma also shares that she likes paintings. She asks Ayeza to paint Taimoor’s portrait.
  • Ziya asks Nayab to join him in his business. Fun times!
Moosa and Abeeha finally are on friendly terms again (ever since that episode where Abeeha snapped at Moosa). I don’t know why Abeeha can’t get over Taimoor already. I’m sure her loss is too huge, but people move on in life. This soap’s story is kinda moving in circles. Kisi story ki koi progress nahin hai ab tak.
Ammar refuses to go to court. Bushra and Irshad flip out again (abhi kal tak they were all mera bachha Ammar and all). Ammar, I think, is the most annoying of them all. Zain is at least trying to change himself. Yeh bhai to bas mere murghe ki ek taang…
Shaukat asks Raza to come back home. While Raza doesn’t say a word to go against Shaukat, he is preoccupied about something. What that is, we don’t know yet. I’m curious to know what’s going on in his head.


Eshal is talking to Zain, and Ayeza learns that Eshal has never been happy in her life, and that Saira is a vamp. As expected, Eshal asks Ayeza to keep quite. She says and I quote: Zain is good with me.

Behen, he slapped you once for no reason. He is good now, but he can’t take a stand for you. He is utter useless. 

But alas, Eshal is stupid, and that’s how it is going to be.


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