Drama Review | Angna | Episode 48

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Angna Episode 48 Written Updates and Review

Abeeha has broken her leg, right? So, Ziya and Salma are constantly, and unnecessarily worrying about her. This family is a bit too sweet for my liking. Itna sweet koi real life mein hota nahin hai.


Ayeza is still pondering whether she should be back with Ammar or not. She is so confused. Isn’t it high time that she takes a decision? Nayab tells Ayeza to make up her mind, but Ayeza is like: chup, mujhe walk pe jana hai. Ja behen ja… Mat jee apni zindagi.
Ammar meets Kayenat. I think his sole purpose is to make her convince to persuafe Ayeza. Tch… Isn’t he going a bit too far?
Raza asks Shaukhat and Nayla about Nida’s choice. Nayla doesn’t want Nida to marry Sohail, but Raza has a way of convinving people. Shaukat & Nayla agree on the surface, but they still want a big asami for Nayla. Woh kehte hain na ki rassi jal gayi, bal nahin gaya. Raza’s parents are still greedy. I understand that they want Nida to be happy, but that doesn’t mean they take a decision against Nida’s will. This family, however, is most accurate portrayal of middle class family. Aisa hi hota hai, aur aisa hi hota rahega.


Nida tells Sallu about her parents’ low opinion of Sohail’s occupation (he sells hangers). Sallu is broken because of this, and tells Nayab about it. I’m sure Nayab will arrange something for Sohail, and everything will be alright.

Red Alert

Ayeza, Abeeha, Moosa, they all wore red in this episode.


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