Drama Review | Angna | Episode 49

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Angna Episode 49 Written Updates and Review

Nida announces her decision to Nayla
I want to marry Sallu. 
Nayla and Shaukat aren’t on board with this decision. 
Nayab tries to tell Ayeza to stay away from Ammar but Ayeza is determined to stand by Ammar’s side. She announces to her family that she wants to go back to Ammar. Nayab protests and even tries to convince Ayeza against her decision but Azhar, Zaiba and dadi are all okay with this. So meh!
Just as I expected, Nayab is helping Sallu to establish his business. She gives Sallu a cheque. I liked their scene. It was beautifully done. 
Sallu’s mother learns what this family had done to Nayab. She doesn’t want to marry Sallu into a fraudster family.
Nayab is truly the best character of this drama. And Laiba Khan is the finest actor in this lot. 
Zaiba invites everyone for dinner. Abeeha is happy in her house but then this invitation upsets her. She has been hiding her injury so far. Cute scene in Abeeha’s family. Is it just me or Daniyal Afzal has gotten more handsome lately? Hot 🔥🔥🔥

Red Alert

Ayeza, Eshal and Abeeha all wear red. 


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