Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 28

Bebasi episode 28 written update and review


Nadiya tells Nuzhat what Mahrukh had done to Ifrah. To my surprise, Nuzhat feels bad for Ifrah.


You should have done something against this injustice, she tells Nadiya.


Hain? Aunty ji, you were ruthless to Ifrah and Mahrukh both. And all of a sudden, she is this god-fearing woman who can’t stand injustice.




Later we see a 3 minutes flashback as Sahir Ali Bagga croons in the background.


Sajid comes to meet Ahmar. First, he returns the contract copy to break all business ties and then asks Ahmar about Ifrah. Ahmar also learns that Ifrah isn’t with Sahir. Now, this makes him think. What made Ifrah leave? Who made Ifrah leave, should we say?



This drama truly is about Sahir. The montage of him walking on the streets looking for Ifrah in nooks and corners of the city is so brilliantly done and so beautifully shot. Sabahat and Anwar promise to beg Tameezuddin, and he forgives his parents. Even though Ifrah is married, I ship Sahir and Ifrah. He is so good. I shop Sahir with someone better, in fact, like Shabana. She is a nice and sweet girl. Sahir deserves someone like Sahir. Just saying!


Later, Sahir meets Shanu’s mamu and asks him about Ifrah. Mamu lies, but then this news upsets Ifrah further.


All said and done, Nausheen Shah looks stunning.


Khushhal Khan is a gem who is just wasted in this crazy story. He is so handsome and so talented. Even when he cries, he looks pretty. I so want him to be happy. He should get a solo serial where we get to see him and just him. Maybe a well-written rom-com like Chaudhry and Sons. What say?



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Shabana Mukhtar