Drama Review | Angna | Episode 50

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Angna Episode 50 Written Updates and Review

Nida is mad at Sallu for taking the cheque from Nayab.

“You are just like bhai, greedy and selfish,” Nida tells Sallu.

Upset, Sallu calls Nayab to return the cheque, but Nayab insists that she would convince Nida.


Ziya tells Nayab about Abeeha’s injury. By the way, I was right. That guy Asad Minhaj is getting more screen time. I’m sure he is second candidate for Nayab.

Bushra is readying to welcome Ayeza into her home again.

The Azhar family is readying for the big dinner. Even Kayenat is invited. It seems like Ayeza is getting “rukhsat” for the second time. Ayeza is also seen putting a lot of makeup (these scenes are so slow and are added only to increase the view time, I feel). And then when she talks to Ammar on phone, I just knew what will happen.

Accident, that’s what. How could things go fine in this drama?

Ammar, Irshad and Bushra bring Ayeza to the hospital, and then…

Seriously? I hadn’t expected this. They killed Taimoor in the 17th episode, and this episode kills two of the family members while Ammar, Bushra and Zaiba are also unwell.

What the eff is going on?

I’m done with this drama.




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