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Fraud Episode 2 Written Update and Review

Nisar seeks his friend’s help to make a profile for Maya (sans photo, please note). Nisar’s prayers for his daughters made me teary-eyed. He isn’t wrong in hoping to get a well-to-do family for his daughters. He is a bit extreme, and he will pay for it, I’m sure.

We see Mr and Mrs Khawar discussing Maya’s proposal. They like Maya’s profile, and something tells me that they are choosing Maya for her modest background. Nisar talks to Khawar and is ecstatic about the proposal. His wife, and Maya are both apprehensive about such good proposal, but  Nisar doesn’t listen. This is all gearing up for the big fraud.


We meet Shaan in his spacious and gorgeous office, smoking. He gets a phone call, rushes home, only to find that his wife Nimra isn’t willing to live with his mother and sister. Nimra takes off with their daughter Zimil.


Later, we see Shaan talking to her mother. She isn’t sincere about Shaan, and Nimra might have been right in saying that these two women are “makkar”. Very intrigued by this track.

Nisar’s words have wounded Nayal and scarred him for life. He has become a masochist. He keeps remembering Nisar’s words, and now holds grudges against Nisar. That’s his brain speaking. But he his heart can’t forget Maya.

He also talks to his boss about this rejection. His boss is not only a good boss, but also a good adviser.



Saba Qamar steals the show in this episode, but Mehmood Aslam comes a close second. I always like Saifi Hassan, so I won’t praise him again, but boy is he good.


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Shabana Mukhtar