Drama Review | Angna | Episode 52

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Angna Episode 52 Written Updates and Review

Half of this episode was just flashbacks and mourning of the two deaths. But things eventually move on. 
Nayla scolds Nida again. This mother-daughter duo are loggerheads. Neither is willing to give up. Nida hopes that talking to Nayab would help her find a way. She dials Nida’s number but the phone is off. That’s when Raza walks in. He asks if Nida is still in touch with Nayab, but Nida lies. I wonder where this track will go. This is the only track I’m interested in.
Asad Minhaj, the project manager in Ziya’s firm, meets Ziya and Salma and tells them that he likes Nayab. Ziya tells him everything about Nayab, from her college sweetheart Raza to her wedding to her greedy in-laws and the drop scene. 


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Shabana Mukhtar