Drama Review | Mor MoharaN | TV One | Episode 2

Mor Moharan is a new drama serial at TV One that started airing on May 10, 2022.


Production : TV One
OST : Mor Moharan
Singer : Amanat Ali
Composer: Naveed Nashad
Lyrics; Khalil ullah Farooqui
Director: Owais Khan
Editor : Jibran Maniar
Dop : Zulfiqar Ali
Writer: Ali Moeen
Executive Producer: Seema Taher Khan

[Source: TV One YouTube channel]

Mor MoharaN Episode 2 Written Update & Review

We see Rohi mixing with the villagers and learning about their water problem. Since she’s a privileged girl, she requests her father to dedicate a few vehicles to bring water for the villagers. Isn’t she the sweetest?

Ahmad Khan Gardezi is a politician, and a typical one at that, one can see. I’m curious to see more about him, more of him.

Sikandar is still grumpy and aloof with his mother but he does start to mingle with others. When he meets Rohi, he recalls his earlier run-in with the Rohi ki Rohi. We can see that he takes a liking to Rohi, even joins her on the dance floor. Love is in the air, already!


Mustafa is so freaking good yaar. From his voice to his physique, from his swag to his acting, he scores 10 on 10. I was thinking I would drool over Zahid Ahmad all the time, but now I have two choices, hehe.

Everyone else was good as expected but this episode was a bit underwhelming. I mean, I’m not curius or excited about the next episode.

How did others find this episode?

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