Drama Review | Dushman | PTV Home | Episode 1


Writer: Ali Moeen

Director: Abdullah Badini

Producer: Zeeshan Ahmed

Executive Producer: Tamoor Tariq

Produced by: Mont Blanc Entertainment

Dushman Synopsis

It’s an adventurous and action-packed story revolving around the two landlord families who are indulged in rivalries.

Dushman Written Update and Review

PTV Home is back, after ages with a mega-blockbuster drama. And I must say. What a fantastic first episode!

The harrowing past

The drama opens with Mai Malkani’s munshi explaining how the rivalry began between the two families of Rajkot and Malik Garh. About love and enmity. Where there is love, enemies arise.

Two lovers, not sure of their names but belonging to the Rajkot and Malik Garh, share a child. Most probably, are married. Which resulted in the boy’s eyes to be blinded and the girl’s head to be shaved.

Ever since then, the families of Rajkot and Malik Garh are at loggerheads. They kill the men of both families one-by-one if they face the other party.

Because no males remain, the females of the families took over the throne. Very Badshah Begum like.

The Malkanis

Mai Malkani, is the landlady of Rajkot. There is a council meeting of sorts.

A public humiliation of the girl, now older, played by the Late Naila Jafferi, who had her head shaved off. She is having her head shaved off again.

I had goosebumps watching this scene! It was executed so well.


We are also introduced to Dr Zain, Mai Malkani’s son. He treats a couple who were ill. Mai Malkani is furious and orders the guards to be killed. As they had let the couple in. No one is allowed to enter their haveli.

We are also introduced to Sassi, Mai Malkani’s daughter. She feels nauseous. And that’s the cue to all desis that someone is expecting. I think Sassi is not married. My guess is, that the baby daddy is Waris. The Dushman’s son.

Damn! Some hot mess right there. Will Mai Malkani find out?


We have the landlady of Malik Garh, played by Nadia Afgan. She is enjoying a show put up for her. The sequence was straight out of a Bollywood movie.

I believe the OST was being played and boy, it was good. I enjoyed this sequence very much!


Dada Sain, the boy whose eyes were blinded, explains to Waris, Malkani’s son about the enmity between the two families. Why his mother’s heart is just so stone cold. Waris, unlike his mother, gets pretty emotional pretty quickly.


Turns out, it has been exactly one year since his father has been martyred. Nadia’s character (I don’t know the character’s name) may seem cold on the outside but on the inside, she feels. Or so, she says.


Also, Nadia’s munshi is the great Nayyer Ejaz and I am loving him in this role!


Why I think you should watch this drama

The Performances

No doubt, everyone is an excellent performer. But to me, the one who stood out most was Nadia Afgan. I mean, that woman surprises me every time! And this tie, her performance is measured. I assure you, no OTT this time.

Mohsin Gillani as the intermediating Dada also hooked me. I am intrigued by his character.

The supporting cast, Hassan Niazi especially has surprised me. I am most intrigued by the Sassi-Waris track. Which I’m guessing will cause a pivotal moment in the drama.

Saman Ansari is like Badshah Begum 2 honestly. Just that her outfit has changed and her hair. But her acting is just the same. And she talks so slowww…

The Production

No doubt. One of the best productions in the 30-40 Pakistani dramas I have seen. Top-notch shots. And the camera quality is just WOW! Seriously, it’s ULTRA 4K. It’s so pleasant to the eyes. I can’t screenshot the pictures because then it will be too many. So I’ll let you guys do the exploring.

The Script and Premise

Wah Wah Wah. The dialogues of these dramas are superb! Ali Moeen does a great job at penning down scripts. I think one of his best scripts to date. From Jo Bichar Gaye to Mor Moharan. Ali Moeen surprises yet again!

The premise is also interesting, about two female landladies at loggerheads. Also, the subject of this drama is quite bold. From pre-marital relationships to showing actual blood on screen. But don’t worry, the gore is not so much.


It’s just so good. I kid you not. You can listen to the OST below.

Final Verdict

A big thumbs up from me! Excellent excellent!


Until then, do look out for my other reviews!