Drama Review | Angna | Episode 53

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Angna Episode 53 Written Updates and Review

Nayab isn’t well, and Salma and Abeeha rush her to the hospital. She is weak, but also determined to be the fighter that she is. The little scene between Zaiba and Nayab made my eyes water a bit. That’s new. Very few scenes of this soap connect with my heart. 

Irshad and Bushra decide to take Ammar to Turkey just so he would get over his loss (first Ayela and his daughter and now Ayeza). But he’s like: main nahin jauwwa…

Raza knows that Nida is upset about something but Nida refuses to say a word. Raza goes to talk to Sallu. This track is interesting but also has gotten complicated. Nida wouldn’t talk to Sallu until he returns the cheque to Nayab, and Nayab isn’t coming to office because of her health. Too many ifs and buts. 


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Shabana Mukhtar