Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 12

Badshah Begum Episode 12 Written Update and Review

Qaisar sees a few villagers who live in Pir Qaisar’s side. Instead of killing them, Qaisar sends Gulnar and Tara to the city. The villagers meet Shah Alam and Shahmir, and Gulnar tells them that she knows the origin of the snake that poisoned Jahan Ara, and the reason the snake was brought in. Shah Alam loses his temper and reaches Piranpur at once. He orders Hakim Bi to be in aitekaaf FOREVER.


We see Shahzeb taking a judgement of two villagers. It surprises me to see that he values a woman’s izzat, or at least seems so. Little does he know that his own brother is involved in ruining many girl’s izzats? The scene was quite impactful.


Jahna Ara learns what Gulnar has done, but she doesn’t know why Gulnar is doing what she’s doing. Tara and Gulnar have their own arguments, Gulnar wants to be loyal to Jahan Ara while Tara thinks that he should be loyal to Qaisar. I think both are wrong. Powerful logon se dosti dushmani dono khatarnak hoti hai.


“Utran kitni bhi qimti ho, utran hi kehlati hai. Tumhein meri hi chizon ka shauq kyun hai?” Jahan Ara asks Roshan Ara.

The sister rivalry continues regarding Bakhtiyar but the well-written dialogues make it enjoyable to watch instead of cringing.

Shahzeb meets Shah Alam to protest against Hakim Bi’s ousting from haveli. Shah Alam be like: oye, khote de puttar, khabardar mere hukum pe awaz uthayi. Shahzeb is like: okay, I will see what I can do.

Hakim Bi gives Shahzeb an idea to win people against Shah Alam. Marrying Zulekha to get Khalifa’s vote og confidence.

This foreshadowing just freaking blew my mind. After every episode I used to wonder, where is Taniya Hussain. Now we know what’s her role. So well done. I’m impressed.

I never thought I would say this for Badshah Begum, but hey, I am waiting for the next episode.


Superb as usual.


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Shabana Mukhtar