Drama Review | Angna | Episode 63

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Angna Episode 63 Written Updates and Review


This episode is primarily about Eshal. She has decided to leave Zain if he doesn’t get married to someone else. She still doesn’t tell her family the real reason behind her decision. When would she tell them that Saira has blackmailed her into taking this decision?

Saira, on the other hand, has pulled out the big guns; she pretends to fall sick just to get Zain’s attention.


Eshal comes to her sasural. But this time, she has burned all the bridges. She confronts Saira and tells her:

I’m not going to do what you forced me to do.


Saira is like: 

Oh, you would.


The conversation continues and Eshal repeats everything Saira has done.


Can you think of the most convenient and overused cliched plot device at this point? 


Yeah, you guessed it right. 


Zain hears everything-his mother’s lies, Eshal’s confessions and sacrifices, her declaration of love… 


He rants out his frustration on Saira and decides to leave his mother.

Saira is like:

O teri, yeh kya ho gaya?

Zain and Eshal leave Saira alone.


Fine acting by Rubina Ashraf, decent one by Ali Abbas, and Rabab Hashim fails to impress as always. Someone teach her how to show some expressions other than that of being constipated. I guess this brings Eshal’s track to a rest.


There is one thing I have been meaning to tell for the past few episodes. Areeba’s voice is so irritating, and at times she sounds like she has a lisp. 

Phew! It’s off my chest now.


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Shabana Mukhtar