Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 30

Bebasi episode 30 written update and review

After 30 episodes, Ahmar has finally taken a stand for Ifrah, that too when Sahir told Ahmar that Ifrah is innocent. So, he needed a ghair banda to come and vouch for Ifrah’s pakdamani.


Didn’t he notice that about Ifrah?



Ifrah comes to meet Tameezuddin but Ishrat Jahan doesn’t let her in. On the contrary, she yells at Ifrah.

Mahrukh calls Neeli and offers good money on exchange of Ifrah. Nowz Neeli thinks that she could be rich this way. I know, cringe.cringe.cringe.

“I wish you weren’t related to me,” Shabana says.

Tameezuddin listen to this conversation.


Sahir tells Ifrah to value Ahmar’s love *rolling eyes*

But then suddenly Tameezuddin brings Ifrah home. How? When? What? We have no freaking idea.

Ifrah is her obedient best. Mahrukh’s lies are caught in the end but Ahmar is with Ifrah now, so things are well.





This drama was about Sahir. His small scenes are more powerful and impactful than the whole episode. He is so good. I ship Sahir with someone better, in fact, like Shabana. She is a nice and sweet girl. Sahir deserves someone like Shabana. Just saying!

Even in the finale episode, Sahir is the only sensible man, and Khushhal Khan is the best performer. But I didn’t like why Sahir had to advocate for Ahmar. Seriously? Can Ahmar do anything by himself? Sahir clarified Ifrah’s position, and then Sahir clarifies Ahmar’s position. Bhai, doh paise ka kaam khud bhi kiya hota.

And I have the same feeling for Ali Rehman’s performance. He is a fine actor, we know it from Laapata but in this drama, he hasn’t put any effort. None at all. Alizey Shah was okay, but Anoushay Abbasi and Nausheen Shah have performed extremely well.

Also, I didn’t like that Ahmar reached Tameezuddin’s house right when Ifrah was about to fall unconcious. Itna coincidence? Hadh hai.

Anyhow, I’m glad that this came to and end. This drama was quite boring but I survived it, so I guess it had some merits after all 😀

Alright, off to watch Dil Awaiz now.


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