Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 15

Badshah Begum Episode 14 Recap

Gulnar witnesses the confrontation between Roshan Ara and Jahan Ara regarding Bakhtiyar. Jahan Ara asks Gulnar to keep her mouth shut.

But she underestimates Gulnar. She has promised Gulnar to bring justice to her for what Murad did to her, but later gets pulled into a web of lies and deciets and matters that demand her urgent attention. It’s hard to say whether she has forgotten about Gulnar’s plea or not, but that’s the impression that Gulnar gets. As a revenge, she decides to tell Tara what she has witnessed.

But Jahan Ara watches her.

Badshah Begum Episode 15 Written Update and Review

The episode review is three days too late. Ever since I was forced to take a 4-day hiatus no thanks to cold and fever, I’m struggling to catch up with my review schedule. And Badshah Begum is also one example of delayed review. To be honest, I never wanted to review this drama. It’s too brutal for me. But alas, I am committed, at least for the next couple of weeks.

Alright, with that said, let this review be in form of pictures.

Jahan Ara spots Gulnar talking to Tara and she just knows what they are talking about. Badshah Begum drags her mulazma e khas with her and asks her why she did what she did.

Gulnar: because I need justice.

Jahan Ara: you should have waited. I told you I will bring justice to you.

Gulnar: you forgot.

Jahan Ara: keep your mouth shut.

Gulnar: you can quiet me now, but my tongue will talk in front of Him, He who listens to all.

Jahan Ara is like: what the eff? What has gotten into her?

Gulnar’s plea has scared Jahan Ara, so much so that she walks away from Gulnar. Nice scene.


The next morning, Gulnar is still obediently waiting outside Jahan Ara’s room. Seriously? What is this girl made up of?

Gulnar tells Jahan Ara that Qaisar might know by now that Jahan Ara isn’t in the haveli. Our Begum immediately prepares to leave for Piranpur.

On the way, though, she runs into the first problem. Roshan Ara, who is reluctant to go to Piranpur tries to run away. Jahan Ara looks at her mulazma e khas.

And then…


Back in Piranpur, Shahzeb has convinced all to vote in his favour.

The decision is delayed by Qaisar’s sudden arrival. He asks about Badshah Begum’s whereabouts.

A group of women is sent to enquire at the haveli. Amidst dramatic music, the women enter the Badshah Begum’s room only to find…

O teri!

The people at the mosque get the news. Khalifa Nawaz smirks as he makes the announcement:

Badshah Begum is in the haveli.

Qaisar has no option but to leave.

Jahan Ara isn’t the only one who’s taking extreme measures. Shah Alam is no different. He calls Shahmir and tells him about jis heart attack.

Pir Shahmir takes off. Tayyara aasman mein ud gaya…

Shahmir comes home to find Shah Alam fit and fine.


Bakhtiyar’s mother is worried about her son, and even now the two are bickering as to why Bakhtiyar’s father committed a suicide.

Once that discussion is over, momma finally says:

Bakhti, don’t you know that you are in love with Jahan Ara?

And Bakhti is like:

Oh, shit, I didn’t know that momma knows that I love Jahan Ara.


The performances never disappoint in this drama, especially now that Saman Ansari isn’t on screen. Her dialogue delivery was quite annoying and out of place.

Everyone is good, but Farhan Saeed as Pir Shahzeb wins the crown.


This might be one of a kind drama in Pakistani industry, but it just doesn’t excite me much. I guess I’m not cut for such kinda dramas. I will try for few more episodes, as many as I have initially drafted.

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