Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 9

Badshah Begum Episode 8 Recap

Roshan Ara tells Shahzeb about Bakhtiar while Shah Mir expresses that he would allow Badshah Begum to marry. This irks Shahzeb and Shah Alam both, and they take it out on Bakhtiar, sort of.

Badshah Begum Episode 9 Written Update and Review

“Sautela hi sahi, hamara rishta to hai.”

This line was the central theme of this episode.  First, Jahan Ara reminds Shahzeb to behave, then Shahzeb taunts Jahan Ara about the same, and at last Shahzeb owns the step-relation that he has been denying all the while when he takes Badshah Begum to the hospital. Yep, that happened. Badshah Begum is taken to the hospital. Another tradition has been broken.The new pair of Badshah Begum and Pir has already stirred the air of Piranpur.

Nobody, and I mean nobody is happy with Shah Mir’s decision about Badshah Begum’s nikaah. But some are willing to go the extra mile to make him stop.


If there are no gory scenes, this drama has the most intrigue value and the cinematography is superb. This drama has delicious twists and turns that surprises us viewers. For instance, Hakim Bi asks Roshan Ara to pretend to be Jahan Ara, I hadn’t seen that coming. And then Bakhtiyar runs away. Oh, wait, that is about to come.


The performances of this episodes were on par as usual. From Hamza Sohail to Komal Meer, from Zara Noor Abbas to Farhaan Saeed, from Abul Hassan to  Shahzad Nawaz, everyone, and I mean everyone has acted so well in this drama. And Hamza Sohail is quite hot. In the last scene of this episode, when Shah Alam and Shah Mir walk out on the lawn to meet Pir Qaisar, he looked goooood.


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Shabana Mukhtar