Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 14

Badzaat Episode 13 Recap

Qandeel has surprise planned for Daniyal and Biya–a trip to Bangkok. This upsets Daniyal and Biya alike.

Badzaat Episode 14 Written Update and Review

Daniyal learns about Ainy and now he had a new plan to torture Wali. He encourages Ainy to take a stand against Wali. And viola… Ainy calls for a press conference and blames everything on Wali.

Wali knows and then he spoils the press conference. A bit of violent scene but Imran Ashraf was good in it, that I must say.

I don’t know what Daniyal has against Wali. But he is one of the worst men ever. Even Sarwar from Pyar Ke Sadqay seems like an angle in front of Daniyal, that’s how creepy Daniyal is.

Imran Ashraf is a gem who has chosen a wrong script, that’s my humble opinion. Him and his slow-mo walking shots and the Wajhi Farooki’s track, these are the three things I like about the drama. Since episode 13, I also like this Anas dude who plays Wali’s friend.

And that’s a summary of Badzaat episode 14. Off I go. Have two more episodes to catch up on.


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