Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 15

Badzaat Episode 14 Recap

Daniyal’s next target is Ainy, and he’s hitting on her while Ainy encourages him.

Badzaat Episode 15 Written Update and Review

Daniyal has a secret pad for his ayyashi, no doubt. He takes Ainy there. Since Ainy has to vacate her apartment,  Daniyal offers her to stay at his place. Ainy stupidly agrees. I think Zoya Nasir chooses aqal se paidal characters on purpose. There was Zebaish and then Narmeen in Dobara, Sameen in Mere Humsafar and now this. Even Tooba in Chaudhry and Sons is a bit annoying.


Police comes to arrest Wali for the mess that he had created at the press conference. Of course, Akbar Hussain doesn’t let that to happen. But then he wants Wali to calm the eff down. I understand his stance. Then Mehwish Begum as usual forbids Wali from doing anything. I understand her stance as well. But then our dear Biya tells Wali to back down. Behen, apni zindagi apna phadda to thik kar lo. Wali can take care of himself. Save yourself from your husband.

Mehmood Aslam saheb is so good in a serious character. I have only ever seen him as Mehmood saheb in Bulbulay. But he is good.

And as usual, love and praises for Imran Ashraf, the only reason I am watching this drama.


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