Drama Review | Chaudhry and Sons | Episode 26


7th Sky Entertainment Presentation

Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Director: Syed Wajahat Hussain

Writer: Saima Akram Chaudhary

Without much further ado, let’s review this episode.

Chaudhry and Sons Episode 25 Recap

So, Billu and Pari’s nikaah is about to happen.



Chaudhry and Sons Episode 26 Written Update & Review

The much needed drama happens at nikaah time as Pari takes forever to say yes. Paro fears that Pari would say no just like Sabahat, but then Pari says yes. 

It’s all fun and games after that. Dance, food, pulling each other’s legs, until Malka Begum collapses. Long story short, everyone comes home.

And then it’s time for some romance. I was starry eyed all the while when Billu talked to Pari. Pari might pretend to not like Billu but every time Billu says something to her, she blushes like anything. Ayeza Khan has looked so stunning in the powder blue net dress. I have same fabric in same colour. I think I should have it stitched now.

The only little bhand that happens in this episode is that Ramzan finds out about Paro and Tashi’s little story. Now, he wants to move to Gujranwala with Paro and Tooba. Ouch!

Haha moments

  1. Malka Begum’s dance at the wedding, ufff…
  2. Billu tells Tashi that Pari refused to talk to her, and Tashi laughs at Billu. That scene was so hilarious. I laughed out out, so loud that my sister shushed me. Kitna zor se hans rahi hai?



Shagufta Ejaz, my goodness, she looks pretty. I can’t believe she is the same miskeen Ishrat Jahan from Bebasi. She’s so versatile. I know makeup and wardrobe change a person but her whole demeanor shifts in this and credit goes to Shagufta Ejaz. And then there is Sohail Ahmad who tops his performance every single time.

Ayeza Khan as usual looks her gorgeous best. And Imran Ashraf, uff, handsomeness is finished on him. It is not just his looks, it’s his swag that wins our heart. I love these two. If I remember correctly, Ayeza and Imran are working together for the first time, and they have become my fav already. Aren’t they adorable together?



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Shabana Mukhtar


  1. Oooh, yeah. That was there, same Wikipedia reading. Anywho they are killing it in C&S this time..

  2. Liza Joel says:

    ah yeah you’re right but imran was ayeza’s second ex husband or smth right? i hvaent watched the show but i read the wikipedia.. also apparently they worked together in shehernaz… idk if they were a couple in it?

  3. Oh, I meant as a couple. Imran was with Noor, right? I mean, wanted to be with Noor. That was one messy story.

  4. liza says:

    it’s the second time they’ve worked tgt if i’m not wrong. first time was in tau dil ka kya hua

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