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Writer: Ali Moeen

Director: Abdullah Badini

Producer: Zeeshan Ahmed

Executive Producer: Tamoor Tariq

Produced by: Mont Blanc Entertainment

Dushman Synopsis

It’s an adventurous and action-packed story revolving around the two landlord families who are indulged into rivalries.

Cast & Characters

Naila Jaffri (Late) as Durri AKA Amma Waddi

Fell in love with Dada Sain, a boy from Malik Garh, in her youth and perhaps gave birth to a child. She is bearing the consequence of falling in love with the enemy.


Saman Ansari as Mai Laali 

One of the female landlords of Rajkot. Ruthless and Merciless. Enemies with the people of Malik Garh.


Nadia Afgan as Malkani 

Landlady of Malik Garh. Also very ruthless. A heart of stone. Enemies with the people of Rajkot.


Hassan Niazi as Waris

Malkani’s son. Perhaps in love with Sassi. He is also quite emotional unlike his mother.


Mohsin Gillani as Dada Sain

Fell in love with Durri for which the people of Rajkot had blinded his eyes in his youth. The punishment for falling in love with a girl from Rajkot. Their enemy.


Mohammad Ayub Khoso

Mai Laali’s munshi


Nayyer Ejaz as Ranjha

Malkani’s munshi


Sabeeka Imam as Sassi

Mai Laali’s Daughter. Perhaps pregnant and is in love with Waris.


Hadi Bin Arshad as Dr. Zain

Mai Laali’s Son. Wants out of the village. Also a practicing doctor.

Feroza aka Rose Mohammad as Sohni

Malkani’s daughter. She means business. And Perhaps Zain’s love -interest. 


I will add more characters as I go along


Until then look out for my next review!


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