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Fraud is a story of deceit, dishonesty and cheating. The main plot is about Maya, a daughter of a proud teacher and Tabraiz, a fraudster who marries Maya with his trickery.

Writer: Zanjabeel Asim

Director: Saqib Khan

[Source: ARY Digital YouTube channel]

Some rant about Fraud

first heard about Fraud when Saba Qamar appeared for an interview. That interview was great fun, because it is always fun to listen to Saba Qamar being the badass, bindass woman that she is. I also came to know that several of her projects are releasing shortly. One of them being Fraud.


My first reaction was: wow! When I first watched the teasers. And, if teasers are a true reflection of how good the drama will be, this one is going to be a success.

The teasers are cut to intrigue the viewers and pull them in like a blackhole sucks in everything around it. I have already watched the teasers three times. That’s how much I like ’em.

Cast & Characters

Ahsan Khan as Tabraiz

The first teaser shows Ahsan Khan. From his first looks as he gets down from a swanky car and walks in narrow lanes with puddles of water to his desi avatar in red open-collar kurta; he looks badass. Come to think of it, he hasn’t chosen a positive role in a while now. From Udari to Qissa Meherbano Ka to now in Meray Humnasheen, all his roles are negative. So, I guess this goes with his current trend. But boy does he look hot.

Saba Qamar as Maya

The heroine. She is getting old (older than the “marriageable age”), but her father wants to find a shahzada for her.

Mikal Zulfiqar as Shaan

Makes his appearance in second episode. He is torn between his wife and his mother and sister. Tch, so typical.


Rabia Kulsoom as Mayera

Maya’s sister

Adnan Samad Khan as Nayal

Maya’s cousin, he likes her but…

Mehmood Aslam as Nisar Saheb

Maya’s father

Nida Mumtaz as Shahnaz

Maya’s mother

Nazli Soomro as Shaziya

Nisar’s widowed sister, Nayal’s mother, Maya’s phupho

Nimra (First appearance in episode 2)

Shaan’s wife

Asma Abbas (First appearance in episode 2)

Shaan’s step-mother

Naeema Butt (First appearance in episode 2)

Shaan’s step-sister

Annie Zaidi as Mrs Khawar

Tabraiz’s mother

Saifi Hassan as Mr Khawar (Saifi bhaiiii) (First appearance in episode 2)

Tabraiz’s father


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