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Fraud Episode 1 Written Update and Review


The first episode of new Saba Qamar drama is more like a prologue before diving headfirst into the ocean of deceit and fraud.

We first see Maya in peach colour bridal outfit; she’s getting ready in the middle of a jungle. Suddenly, she is surrounded by birds making loud scary noises (I don’t really recognize birds, so can’t say why she was so scared).

Of course, it was all just a dream; a nightmare, if you will. Her sister Mayera knows that she must have had another dream about something wrong happening at her wedding. Why exactly does Maya have such nightmares, we are about to find out soon.


Later, we see Maya’s father Nisar who shops for two families–himself, and his widowed sister Shaziya. When he comes home, we learn that he doesn’t want to marry off his daughters to any salaried person. He wants big businessmen, royals, if you will, so his daughters could lead a merry life. He equates money to  happiness, and he is not necessarily wrong. His wise words towards the end of the episode would prove that.


Nayal takes a liking to Maya, and both Maya and Mayera know about it. While Mayera suggests Maya to encourage Nayal, Maya doesn’t want to do anything against her father’s wishes. This angle of the story excited me. This obedience is what would land Maya into trouble.


Nisar and family visit Shaziya. This is one happy family, one can see.

Nisar is telling Shaziya that she shouldn’t rush to select a daughter-in-law, Nayal is proposing to Maya. Maya of course leaves everything to her father. She might not be interested in Nayal, but she does enjoy the attention. Chahe jane ka ehsaas kuch khaas hota hai.


Nayal gets selected at the bank. The first thing he does it to convince his mother to take his proposal to Nisar’s house. Yes, the convincing is needed because Shaziya knows how big Nisar thinks for his daughters.

She does concede to Nayal’s insistence. The scene that follows was long and painful to watch but it showed us just how conflicted Nisar is to say no to his dear sister.

Nisar to Shaziya: Paisa woh wahid talkh Haqeeqat hai jo paas ho to sab accha lagta hai, aur paas na ho toh sari rishton ki chashni bhi zehr lagne lagti hai.

Nayal tells Nisar that he likes Maya, to which Nisar replies.

Accha to Chand bhi lagta hai, usko to hasil nahin kar sakte na?

It reminded me of a geet someone performed at school.

Chand uncha hai bahot chand ka sauda na karo
Door se dekh lo chhoone ki tamanna na karo…


The episode ends as Tabraiz and his mother ready to deceive another girl into marriage trap.

Like I said, almost like a prologue. The real story begins now.


The OST of this drama is just too good. Before watching the drama I was kinda alaaping

Koi hota jis ko apna hum apna keh lete…

(Missing home, nothing else)

Now, I’m crooning

Mere Dildar Sanam Kiya Tu Ne Kya Sitam…

Adnan Sarmad Khan with Saba, dude has got a leap huh. And he deserves it. During interview, when he wore a white shirt with tie, he looked like Gulzar from Ehd-e-Wafa. Mere yaara teri yaariyaan.

Saba Qamar does what she does best. She owns the room when she is in it, if you know what I mean.


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Shabana Mukhtar